equine services  Houston, MO


Horses and other equine patients require veterinarians who specialize in treating them so we are pleased to offer this service in Houston, MO and the surrounding communities.

Here at Texas County Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians are able to take care of your prized horses and other equines, whether you show them, breed them, or just love them as pets. Our entire staff is dedicated to our equine patients so that they can have the very best life possible.

Large animals present special challenges for veterinary clinics. Horses and other livestock require more room and specialized care than pets or smaller animals. Texas County Veterinary Clinic is capable of treating almost any animal regardless of its size or condition. We even make farm calls when transporting a sick animal isn’t possible. It’s part of being a full-service veterinary clinic.


Horse owners are discriminating when it comes to their choice of veterinary clinics. Not only is there an emotional attachment to the animal, but owning a horse is also a huge financial investment. You need to be sure that you make the right decision. We can offer expert veterinary care for your horse from birth through maturity.

Preventative care

Preventative care for large animals is crucial. The more you do to protect the health of the animal the better chance they have of avoiding serious and potentially expensive issues in the future. Parasites and infections can cause serious long term problems and even death. Our staff can help you develop a plan which will not only protect the health of your large animal but also protect your bottom line.
Annual Coggins Testing  Houston, MO

Annual Coggins Testing

A Coggins test is a simple blood test that is used to help prevent the spread of Equine Infectious Anemia. It is sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Equine Infectious Anemia is a viral disease that can be deadly. Unfortunately there is no vaccine or cure for it. If a patient survives the disease, they will always carry it and may become sick again if they are stressed. Some horses just seem to be carriers, never getting sick themselves.

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Dentistry  Houston, MO


We are proud to offer equine dentistry and provide care for your horse’s entire oral cavity. A horse’s teeth and jaw function are vital to their overall well being, so dental care is an important part of your horse’s health.

We provide floating for horses as well as a range of routine to advanced services. Proper dental care will ensure that your horse’s teeth are not causing discomfort, pain, or other potential health issues.

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Vaccinations  Houston, MO


Since horses have different vaccination needs, depending on where they live, if they travel, and what they do, we recommend discussing your horse’s vaccination schedule with us. Together we can start a schedule that will work for you and your new horse.

Horses typically don’t get vaccinations until they are several months old, depending on their needs. Some vaccinations are started at four months old and need to be boostered three to four weeks later. Some vaccinations are not given until a horse is five to six months old. Most of these also need to be boostered three to four weeks later.

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